Creating Volunteer Programs for Neighbors
in Need

GVSS Assists Residents To Remain in Their Homes

Where Volunteers Help Those Who Deserve To Enjoy a Comfortable Life


Established in 2010, Grimes Volunteer Support Services has been assisting seniors and disabled people so they won't need to leave their homes. As an all-volunteer organization, we fulfill transportation and other service requests for those in need.

Since we began GVSS has been providing services to Grimes area residents since February 2011. Since then we have provided more than 23,872 trips (including over 4,800 to the Grimes Senior Meal Site), driven over 306,065 miles and contributed over 48,853 hours of service to organize and provide assistance to residents of the community.

GVSS has over 210 clients and over 70 volunteers providing services.

Because of outstanding community support, we have grown tremendously since 2011. We do not employ any staff but are an all-volunteer organization. We continue to need additional volunteers. If you are interested,please contact our office at 515-986-5355.

Services We Offer

At Grimes Volunteer Support Services, our services must be requested and scheduled in advance since they are based on volunteer availability. You can request the following services:

  • Minor Home Repair and Maintenance
  • Yard Work
  • Snow Removal
  • Durable Medical Equipment Loans
  • Personal Assistance
  • Transportation for Medical Appointments, Shopping, Social Events, Library Visits, Prescriptions
  • And More

Individuals interested in receiving services must apply and be accepted.

Things to Know Before Requesting a Service

  • All services must be based upon volunteer availability and must be scheduled in advance.
  • Individuals wishing to make us of these services must first make an application. It may be necessary for a volunteer to make a home visit is you are unable to come to the office before your client eligibility is established.
  • A client application is available by clicking on the link below. You may then print off the form, complete it and mail it to us or meet with us in our office during office hours.

We are here to provide, without charge, needed services to individuals in the Grimes area, assisting them to remain in their homes.

Join as a Volunteer

Grimes Volunteer Support Services accepts volunteers to help seniors and people with disabilities live comfortably in their homes. As a volunteer, you will make minor requests from them, such as home repairs and transportation.

Things to Do During Your Volunteer Application

If you’re interested in volunteering, please follow these steps:

  • Print and fill out the Volunteer Application package that includes the GVSS DISCLOSURE FORMS so we can perform background checks.
  • Those wising to drive for GVSS must also submit (and keep current) a copy of their driver license and proof of liability insurance coverage.
  • Volunteer applicants will need to submit a signed application form and a signed Policies and Procedures document copy. They also need to sign on the last two pages of the GVSS DISCLOSURE FORMS.
  • After we have contacted your references and run a background check on your driving record, we will send a notification update regarding your application.

Our Volunteers

  • Alan Hulstein
  • Amor Doherty
  • Andrea Hodapp
  • Andrea Sabus
  • Ann Musfeldt
  • Annette Horner
  • Becky Landals
  • Beth Balzer
  • Bob Mueller
  • BobbiJo Wolfe
  • Bree Townsend
  • Brian Buethe
  • Caleb Herman
  • Carol Lesher
  • Chad Ewalt
  • Charles Velasquez
  • Chris Schmidt
  • Cindy Kreklau
  • Clint Dudley
  • Collin Hodapp
  • Cyle Taylor
  • Dale Thompson
  • Dave Lewis
  • David Patterson
  • Don McClelland
  • Drue Cavanaugh
  • Erica Sellers
  • Gary Adams
  • Gloria Perry
  • Greg Means
  • Halsey Scales
  • Harvest Bible Chapel
  • Jacque Strange
  • Jane Hartnett
  • Jessika Klaus
  • Joe Christiansen
  • Joe Herman
  • John Oolman
  • Jordan Bray
  • Joshua Stott
  • Judy Strotman
  • Julie Bindle
  • Kris Campbell
  • Kim Rundle
  • Laura Brandner
  • Loree Herman
  • Lorraine Shatava
  • Madison Taiber
  • Madonna Hughes
  • Margaret Lacona
  • Marlene Minshew
  • Martin Dyson
  • Mary Claseman
  • Michael Bleskacek
  • Michael Vaughn
  • Mike Levenhagen
  • Nicholas Lees
  • Rachel Dahm
  • Rene Lego
  • Rhonda Straight
  • Robert Allendar
  • Ron Oolman
  • Russ Lickteig
  • Ryleah Cross
  • Tim Dempsey
  • Tom Harris
  • Tom Letsch
  • Tom Shatava
  • Tony Sonius
  • Vanessa Bushey
  • Wanda Armstrong
  • Wayne Belner

Meet Our Sponsors and Donors

Supportive Heroes $1,000 +

Gabus Automotive Group

Andrea Sabus, AGENT

Supportive Partners $500 to $999

Supportive Friends $250 to $499

Supportive Neighbors $100 to $249

2023 Financial Supporters

Grimes Volunteer Support Services would also want to
take the following people that financially supported us in 2023:

  • Wanda Armstrong, Linda Becker
  • Denise Bell, Bickford Family
  • Jodi & Kathy Bermel
  • Michael & Eileen Bleskacek
  • Jay Brewer
  • Kristi Brokaw, Irene Buddenberg Trust
  • Jamie Bunn & Kaaren Olesen
  • Vicky Burch
  • Don & Drue Cavanaugh
  • Vickie Cook, Richard Craig
  • Ryleigh & Alex Cross
  • Leann Dawson, Tim Dempsey
  • Ron Engstrom
  • Quentin Greenough, Dorothy Greif
  • Rosemary Gould, King Arthur Goulet
  • April & Steve Gross
  • Nathan & Alicia Gross
  • Charlotte Hanus, Lee Harris
  • Jane Hartnett & Donald Piegors
  • Monte & Teresa Heeren
  • Terry & Michelle Hicks
  • Marie Hutcheson
  • Kennybrook Townhome Assoc
  • Cynthia Kreklau
  • Janice Kubovich, Bill & Rene Lego
  • Marsha Larson
  • Tom & Mary Letsch, Richard Lindgren
  • Paul Narva
  • Ron & Sheila Oolman
  • John & Katelyn Oolman
  • Gloria Perry
  • Larry & Gayle Peters
  • Randy & Jeanne Peters
  • Lisha Steffey
  • Roger & Mary VandenBranden
  • Elizabeth VanZomeren
  • Kristine Voorhees
  • Karen Vroman
  • Donald & Ruth Wallace
  • Alicia Watkins
  • Myron & Arlis Werley

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If you want to learn how to take advantage of our programs, join our organization as a volunteer, or donate to our cause, please contact our team. We’ll be happy to answer the questions you need.

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